HYP3 Fitness tours around the world so you're able to experience this fitness phenomenon.  To book HYP3 in your city or state please fill out our  booking form.

Upcoming Events

  • Hyp3 Drip in Sanford FL
    Sat, May 22
    508 Central Park Dr
    Hyp3 fitness brings Hyp3 Drip to Sanford FL. Hyp3 Drip is an non stop intense, club mix cardio class with routines using that we're previously made but are blended/mashed/mixed together. The routines are choreographed to the beat of old and new school urban and popular music. Breaks are as needed.
  • Down Home Nutrition & Fitness Presents Hyp3 Drip
    Sat, Jun 12
    USS Lexington
    Doors open at 5:30 AM DH Nutrition & Fitness Celebrates 3 years by bringing you Hyp3 Drip and more...